Life as a Pickle

Pickle is a fifteen something year old Rat Terrier, that's a whole lot of years in human years.Let's just say Pickle has lived long enough to see the world for what it is...he has shown us great wisdom,laughter and most of all the importance of enjoying this gift we call life.

Friday, April 07, 2006

.....''I just discovered a great newspaper for Pets and their People.'' It's called ''Fetch'' the Paper.

..I read a great article in last months ''Fetch'' the paper. It was about how Dogs don't have Consciences....a conscience requires the ability to think through implications of a future or past action. ''Kinda like having a Jiminy Cricket from Pinnochio inside your head telling you the difference between right and wrong.
I wish I had one of these Jiminys in my head...I wouldn't get into so much trouble now and then. Maybe that's what's troubling some Humans nowadays-they've lost their Jiminys too!...I sure hope they get it back, there's always hope...unlike us critters, you can't get back what you don't already have.


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